Frequently Asked Questions – we will update as new questions come in

What kinds of drums and percussion will be the focus?

Our instructors will be teaching rhythms primarily for djembe, dundun, ashiko, shekere, bells, agogo, clave.

I have a food allergy or other need to manage my own food, can you help with this?

In this situation you may have access to refrigeration and limited access to kitchen facilities. Email us with your request and we will discuss with you the details.

Can I bring my children?

Babies in arms, of any gender, are welcome, and parents are responsible for them while attending all activities. Independent girls and female identifying young people (14 +) who are interested in the program are welcome when registering with a responsible adult. All participants pay the same fees to attend.

Are all women welcome?

We welcome all women, all races, ethnicities, backgrounds, all women-identifying women, trans women, queer women, straight women, please come and join the circle!

I don’t have a drum, will there be drums to borrow?

We are offering drums to rent for $25 for the weekend. If you choose to rent a drum you will be given a djembe drum to use and be responsible for during the retreat. Please choose this option when registering so we can ensure that there is a drum for you.

Some workshops will have drums for you to try out and play during the program, but this does not guarantee that a drum is available for you.

We are also hosting a marketplace during the retreat, and there will be djembe drums for sale. Most djembe instruments are in the range of $375 – $500+. If you are interested in purchasing a drum prior to the retreat, or would like to order one that you can take ownership of upon arrival, please message us.

Do the cabins have electricity?

The cabins host up to 4 women per cabin, and there is electricity in each cabin. You may bring a fan if you would like for use in the cabin. Cabins do not have air conditioning. Restroom buildings are a short walk from the cabin.

When will the pool be open?

The pool will be open a specified times during the retreat. The pool is guarded and may not be entered without a guard on duty. Once the specific schedule is worked out we will post the planned pool hours.

I have medication that requires refrigeration, is that possible?

Yes, we can provide refrigeration for medications.

Are smoking and drinking permitted?

The retreat center is alcohol free, so there is no drinking on-site during the retreat. There will be a small designated smoking area, far from the main gathering area.

What should I bring?

Bedding/Linens or sleeping bag for beds

Toiletries, Bath towel, beach towel for the pool, bathing suit, flip flops or sandals

Your drum!

Sunblock, bug spray, sunglasses

Hoodie or sweatshirt for night time

Flashlight or lantern

Comfortable clothes for 3 days, sleeping clothes, shoes/flip flops to go to/from restroom at night,

Non-perishable snacks for yourself, water, trailmix, or fruit or whatever you like.

Earplugs, for those who may feel overwhelmed with a large group drumming

Charger and cord for your phone/devices

Notebook and pen/pencil to take notes during classes

A small bottle of water from your home place for our water ceremony

Refillable water bottle

Refillable coffee/tea cup if you have one and like coffee/tea

If you desire… a small cushion for folding chairs used during the classes

Medication, tylenol, other personal needs.

What will the food be like?

We will be offering buffet style meals, with a variety of options including vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, and meat. Menus will be posted when available.

Are the sleeping accommodations bunk beds?

Yes, most of the beds are bunks, with top and bottom bunks. This applies to cabins and to lodge rooms. There are a few single beds available, if interested please message us and we will do our best to accommodate. You are also welcome to bring an air mattress if you are more comfortable.

Do we have access to the walking trails? Disc Golf course?

Yes! All this is included in the weekend activities. Bring a frisbee if you want to play to course.

Where are the bathrooms located?

There is a bathhouse/restroom building that is centrally located to all cabins. There is a bathroom in the lodge, as well as bathrooms in all the buildings used for meetings, classes, and performances. Be prepared to walk to the bathhouse should you need the bathroom in the night.

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